What We Do


End-of-Life Planning

We help people speak, plan for and retain control of their care, death and dying.


Where there are uncertainties or disagreements in a person’s life and with, and between those with whom they need to trust we help resolve these and develop competent plans. 


We are affiliates of Death Café and run opportunities for small groups of people to meet to discuss their end-of-life plans.



Conflict Resolution

Mediation is quite simply a way of helping to settle a dispute without having to go to court or a tribunal.


It’s flexible, speedy, and cost-effective. It’s an entirely confidential and voluntary process that gives people a chance, to explain their needs and concerns in the presence of an independent, experienced professional who will help them negotiate, agree a settlement and write an agreement.

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Executive Coaching

With our highly developed knowledge, skills and experience of leading and coaching teams and their managers, we are well placed to help leaders and managers in micro, small, medium-sized and third-sector businesses are prepared for all their challenges. 


We Help!

We help people retain control over their lives and deaths and doing so without the protracted, difficult, and often expensive process of involving lawyers, the courts and tribunals.

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How much will it cost?

£1000 per day (five hours) which in the case of Mediation is split equally between the parties. Where there is additional time required this is charged at £200 an hour.


These charges include all preparation time and follow-up work and are subject to the Agreements.


These charges don’t include venue and facility cost, expenses and travel where applicable.


Steve also participates in the Civil Mediation Council’s Fixed Fee Scheme, and which he has made available in Scotland and Northern Ireland where the value of the dispute, is less than £50,000.


We also undertake some pro-bono Mediation and End-of-Life Planning and about which we are happy to have discussions.